Camping Podcast Episodes

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Here you’ll find links to the audio, transcripts, and any other notes or downloads from our Super Good Camping podcast.

Camping Podcast: The Best Tents and Sibbald Point Provincial Park

Would you rather read the script? You can read what we have to say about the best tents for camping and the pros and cons of Sibbald Point Provincial Park, north of Toronto, Ontario, here.

Camping Podcast: How to Choose the Perfect Campsite and Killbear Provincial Park

How to choose the best campsite, and our trip to Killbear Provincial Park. Want to read the transcript for episode #2? It’s here.

Camping Podcast: Picking the Perfect Site 2.0, Choosing the Best Campground Near Toronto, and Arrowhead Provincial Park

How to pick the best campsite, how to choose a campground, and the coolest bits of Arrowhead Provincial Park. Want to read the transcript from episode 3? Read it here.

Camping Podcast Episode 5: Bear-Proof Your Campsite and Grundy Lake Provincial Park

How to Bear-Proof Your Campsite and Grundy Lake Provincial Park Highlights

You can read the blog post about how to bearproof your campsite and we saw bears at Grundy Lake Provincial Park, which is the podcast transcript here.

The Process to Go Camping and MacGregor Point Provincial Park

Listen to the podcast on what a camping trip looks like and MacGregor Point Provincial Park

Want to read our post about our process to go on a camping trip and learn more about MacGregor Point Provincial Park? It’s here.

Camping Checklist and Pinery Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada

Listen to us describe our Camping Checklist and Pinery Provincial Park.

You can download our free camping checklist and see the beauty of the dunes at Pinery Provincial Park here.

Cooking Gear for Camping & Kawartha Highlands Backcountry Epic Fail

Episode 8: Cooking Gear for Camping and Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park Backcountry Camping

Listen to learn about some of the different cooking methods that we use while camping and our biggest camping failure! If you prefer to read, you can read the blog post here.

Camping Meal Plans & Bon Echo Provincial Park

Episode 9: Camping Meal Plans and Bon Echo Provincial Park

Listen to Episode 9 for details about a camping meal plan that we’re working on for you to download, and the amazing things to see and do at Bon Echo Provincial Park. You can read the transcript here.

Camping Menu & Kawartha Highlands Backcountry Take Two

Listen to this podcast episode as we go through our camping menu and revisit Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. You can read the transcript and download the camping menu plan here.

Camping Chairs & The Awesomeness of Killarney Provincial Park

In this episode, we’ll discuss the best camping chairs for your particular needs, and talk about what was awesome about Killarney Provincial Park. If you want to read the transcript, it’s here.

Coolers & Darlington Provincial Park

Looking for the best cooler to take camping? We’ve got you covered in this episode and we’ll talk about an Ontario park that is close to home, Darlington Provincial Park. Read the transcript here.

First Aid Kits & Mess Kits

You have to eat and you may have an accident while you are camping. Here’s what you’ll need for both. You can read the transcript here.

Backpacks & Emily Provincial Park

Need a backpack for camping? Want to know what to look for in a good backpack? Listen to this episode. We’ll also talk about Emily Provincial Park, near Bobcaygeon. You can read the transcript here.

Backcountry for Beginners & Essential Clothing to Pack for Car Camping

First time venturing into backcountry camping? Here are some basics that you’ll need to know. And clothing that you’ll want to pack when you go car camping. You can read the transcript of this podcast here.

Satellite Communicators & Locators & Bronte Creek Provincial Park

If you are out of your cellphone service area, you’ll need another means of communicating whether you’re just checking in or you need emergency assistance. Here’s what you need to know about satellite communicators & locators. We’ll also talk about how great Bronte Creek Provincial Park is for kids. Read the transcript here.

Clean Water, Water Filters, Water Pumps & UV Water Purification

When you are in the backcountry, you need a way to have clean water available. Here are some of the more common ways to purify water when you are canoe camping. Read the transcript here.

Packing Your Backpacks for Backcountry Camping

Strategic packing is crucial when you’re backcountry camping, you have to take everything you need, nothing that you don’t and it has to be easily accessible. Here’s how to pack, what to pack, and how to decide what you need. Prefer to read this instead? Here’s the transcript.
Balancing the weight of gear vs the need for it while backcountry camping, fishing in the backcountry vs. car camping, and Leave No Trace. You can listen to the episode, or read the transcript here.
Enjoy the beauty of nature while you are camping.
How to set up your campsite when you are backcountry camping.
Backcountry camping etiquette and Presqu’ile Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.
Here’s how to dehydrate food for backcountry camping.
The whole family got in on this episode while we were car camping at Presqu’ile Provincial Park.
This episode is about bears and Turkey Point Provincial Park.
In this episode, Tim talks canoes – history, pros and cons, what type is best for your specific needs.
Year-round camping, winter camping, and day-use in the winter at Ontario Provincial Parks.
In this episode, we talk about lights that we use while camping, and also how to go camping with your dog.

Essential Gear for Hiking and Backcountry Camping

Essentials that you need to have for camping or hiking.
These are the camping books that you want to read to prepare yourself for your camping trip.
There are some rules you should know when you are camping in Ontario Provincial Parks. April is trillium season, and trilliums are Ontario’s Provincial flower. Ferris Provincial Park has a unique feature, check it out in this episode.
You can’t control the weather, but you can still enjoy camping despite inclement weather. Here’s how to have fun camping even when it’s rainy.
Camper Christina is a fascinating person! Check out this episode to find out why.
We just love Kevin Callan. He is such a genuine, and funny human. Listen in to our chat with Kevin, it’s not just about camping!
Every summer has its share of tragedies. Many are preventable with some education and care. Here’s how to paddle safely and not become a statistic.