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Fun Camping Stuff for Kids

Part of our reason for being, is to inspire kids to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer.  We have seen the benefits of this with our two kids.  They want to help inspire other kids, so we asked them to help create the kid’s page content.  The results of their work are here, we’ll add more as we go, so please come back!

5 Things I Like About Camping by Brandon

  1. I like that you’re not close to electronics but there’s plenty to do.
  2. I like that you’re out in the wilderness where it’s peaceful.
  3. I like that at some provincial parks kids can do activities you can usually get from the nature centre
  4. I like that some days if it’s rainy or something you can just sit down with a book and read in your tent or play a board game
  5. I like that you can roast snacks like marshmallows, s’mores , hotdogs, etc

How to roast a perfect marshmallow by Brandon


So you want to make a golden brown marshmallow, you don’t want any black falls-apart-in-your-hand stuff. Well if you want that I’m gonna teach you how.

Getting Started

  • Get a stick. How do you think you’re gonna make a marshmallow without a stick!!!!!
  • Make a fire. If you don’t have a fire the stick is pointless. And have a good fire too.
  • Get some marshmallows. If you don’t have marshmallows both the stick & fire are pointless

Now To The Cooking

  • Put your marshmallow on the stick and put it over the fire well rotating it for , let’s say about 15 seconds
  • Now the final and the step that makes everything worth it drum roll please…….




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